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Custom Glass Shower Door New York

Simple. Affordable. Easy. Glass Company NYC can help you with all your shower door design and installation questions. We handle it all with wide selections in frameless or framed shower enclosures. We offer glass custom shower door installation and shower door replacement in New York.

We can create that personalized custom look to match your taste and budget. All over New York, we installed thousands of glass shower doors in homes like your to complete satisfaction. Below are just some of the projects and type of glass shower doors we carry. You can view samples of our work in our gallery.
  • Standard and Custom Frameless Glass Shower Doors
  • Frameless
  • Semi-Frameless
  • Traditional Sliding Enclosures.
  • Operable & Stationary Splash Panels

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You may have seen frameless shower doors in New York's upscale hotels or day spas, but did you know that you could bring this luxury home?

Not only do frameless glass shower doors add elegance, a bathroom upgrade can increase your home's value -- and these glass shower doors can be purchased and installed easily and affordably.

Why choose frameless shower doors for your bathroom? The most common answer is simple aesthetics - it adds an air of class and grace to any bathroom, improving the room's look and style.

Frameless glass shower doors, and "heavy glass shower doors" generally require less maintenance than a glass shower door with aluminum frames no metal means no oxidation or cracks and crevasses for dirt and soap! In terms of design and style, frameless shower doors allow other hardware: handles, towel racks, etc. to stand out to give you total aesthetic control.

Before we can begin your project please get familiar with options (on your right) that you have and decisions that you have to make.

The more obscure the door, the less that can be seen through the glass.
An obvious factor, and one that you will be keen to get perfect to ensure a match with the rest of your style.
The thickness of the glass affects how sturdy your door will feel, and also impact the weight of the door.
We will strive to find the perfect solution within your budget.
Framed vs Frameless
Framed or frameless doors come in various types. Frameless shower doors being very popular choice later due to their sleek aesthetics.
There are several types of shower door, ranging from sliding doors to hinged doors.