Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass & Storefront New York

When it comes to architectural glass, Glass Company NYC is the solution. We offer a wide range of architectural glass products that can be customized to your exact needs. Our architectural glass is exactly that your home or business has been missing. It greatly improves the style and appearance of your home or business.

Glass Company NYC delivers architectural glass throughout the nation and we install architectural glass and also provide glass storefront replacement throughout the New York area.

  • Railings
  • Green House
  • Sun Room
  • Storefront
  • Entrance System
  • Curtain Wall
  • Tempered Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Insulated Glass Units
  • Custom Quality Mirrors
  • Doors and Entry Systems
  • Tables and Handrails

Architectural Glass Storefront Installation Replacement New York

We cut, fit and install various types of glass in metal and wooden frames, and sometimes work with glass substitutes such as plastic.

Glass Storefront
First impressions are critical and the appeal and appearance of any business is key to getting and retaining customers. How your storefront looks creates an image of professionalism and quality of your business. Let us help you make a great first impression. We offer glass storefront installation and replacement in New York.

All Entrance Systems can be custom modified to the specific requirements of your project. Our product specialists will work with you to ensure the entrance hardware you order from us will meet your needs.
Glass for the Office
Have us enclose your office with glass and keep an open feeling without all the unwanted noise. Enclosing your business office with glass will give your office a high tech elegant look. It will give you privacy without making you feel closed in, along with letting light sources in from other rooms.

Glass Company NYC manufactures and installs aluminum and frameless glass walls, glass wall systems, glass partitions, and glass dividers for homes and offices.

Glass walls can be installed with swing, sliding or bi-folding glass door and be either fixed or retractable and movable.
Glass Awnings
Glass awnings are the latest craze in the exterior decoration market, as they add an edgy, modern twist to the architectural design of a building. The aluminum and glass awning are generally added to the entrance of a building to provide cover from inclement weather for visitors or guests stuck outside the building. Its great efficacy lies in its being completely impervious to all kinds of weather.

Being transparent, glass and a metal canopy also allows enough sunlight to light up a place, improving the overall appearance and design of your building. Allow natural light fill up the space beyond the house while ensuring that the glass canopy looks snazzy and cool at the same time.

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